I won’t mention a single detail about how cruel my corporate job was.

I’m sure you have a good idea of how the entire system has been designed to put you in debt from the moment you are born and suck every penny out of you for the rest of your life.

Simple and/but Cruel.

But complaining about the 1001 things that stop us from being free is not gonna get us closer to our goal.

I also hope hope you aren’t expecting some motivational speech right now to help you “visualize” your dreams. I know we need to dream big, but let’s face it, most of the people in the dream board pictures look photoshoped, LIFE looks photoshoped,

I like it imperfect.




I mean, dreaming about getting rich won’t make you rich,

execution will,

at that point you could fund your dreams.


But the highest achievement is not about money,


is about time.


Nothing can buy you time, once you lose an hour, nothing will bring it back, is lost, that’s why is good to be picky about where you focus your time on (reading this is a friggin’ good choice) .

I’m sure if you’re still reading this is because you know better lifestyle is always possible, and you are looking for the path of less resistance.

Let me show you what I’ve found…


After my architectural visualization office went bankrupt the rent payment was  6 months due and I had $20K in credit card debt.

I had to move back to my parent’s home (practically with the dog) and the cat…


She really enjoyed radiation.

Healthy cat.

By those days I saw a video from a guy in Southern Pacific Mexico, this dude was making enough money from Google as an affiliate to spend half of the day flying around the coast in a weird flying object, crazy.

He was selling a product on Clickbank called “Google Cash” and he claimed it revealed his method.

I did exactly what it said and started promoting a “green energy” digital guide,

against odds…





it made money.

Yes. My first paid traffic venture was a success… around 37% ROI. Can’t complain.

But just when I was about to celebrate, my highly addictive levels of happiness went through the toilet:


Sincerely, I was screwed.

I knew who was bigger and stronger

And I wasn’t in a mood for playing games, not with A MAMMOTH.

Few months later I bought a course about ranking sites in google and started promoting big product launches as an affiliate by hijacking the most searched terms for the launch in Google (like “product name” + review, “product name” + bonus, etc)

It was a simple process, I tracked the biggest launches dates in advance, built minisites around them, syndicate junk content for 2 weeks straight to build links pointing to the site and rank higher.

The more spamming the better, then waited for the launch dates to get those “free” visitors from the search engines.

It was making me around $200/week but boy if I worked hard to get them…

At that point you realize “free” traffic does not even exist.

If you take look at the differences between free and paid traffic you’ll notice that the one that looks cheaper is the most risky and unpredictable of both.

and you don’t want to setup a business under the mercy of an algorithm.

Definitely not the way to build a solid one.

By the time when facebook was going public they were incentivizing ad spent desperately, and facebook has no rival at targeting capabilities, so I decided to dive in.

I found some weight loss offers in the brazilian market and built a couple of campaigns around them, funny thing is I have no clue about how to speak Portuguese.

I learned how to do proper tracking and after some messy setup these were my results:

maxbounty-payoutEarnings Disclosure: feliperestrepo.net/income


Those are the earnings for my first 2 months 🙂 not bad I know, not everything was profit but I more than doubled my money, that kind of extra income can pay a couple of bills but definitely not enough to leave my parents home.

The beauty of facebook is that you can scale fast as long as you have the cashflow, the entire world is the limit.

So just when I was ready to invest my profits…


Facebook banned my advertiser account

Thanks Mark! 😉


No matter how many attempts to recover my account or make new ones, it always ended in a harder and bolder slap,

the last one hit my balls.

I knew that if the situation continued like that, my relationship with facebook would be doomed to cheek + balls serious inflammation.


One of the biggest problems is that the whole industry see affiliates as the plague,

and at some extent we deserve it. (sorry guys)

Most of us are lazy as f**k. compliant version: as my cellphone internet speed, and push the credibility of the consumers / traffic networks / affiliate networks at an unprecedented risk.

and it won’t stop to happen.

There will be always people willing to push the limits, just because IT WORKS.

for a short period of time off course.

Let’s face it… Marketers are the best guys at finding ways around problems but also the best at screwing the whole opportunity for everyone else.

Trying to cheat on platforms like Google and Facebook is not an easy task, and specially not a cheap one.

Don’t get me wrong,

It can be ridiculously profitable.

But as a solid business model leaves a lot to be desired.

And I realized  that at some point I was gonna get bored of this pair of “remarkable entities” trying to slaughter me.


Did I miss the party?

Every time I found something worth of scaling and started getting traffic… BAN!



Weak position…

My business was at the mercy of a couple of starving giants with serious anger management issues.

But stop trying is not something in my dictionary.

By those days I saw a guy who developed an amazing piece of software that crawls the web looking for display advertising and collect the data of every ad, every single profitable advertiser/affiliate was on his database, so it was a matter of spying on their campaigns swipe, improve and deploy.

That’s also how I discovered Native advertising, simple ads that look like part of the websites content,

ridiculously profitable.

The key on native advertising is to promote mass appeal offers (finance, beauty, health and bizopp) and to have good pre-selling process, aka: landing pages that warm up the visitors.

Life got a lot easier:


As I told you the equation was simple: native ads => landing page => converting offer => CA$H

I Forgot to tell you about a vital  part of the process: TRACKING

Without tracking don’t even think about buying traffic, you’ll go broke. Guaranteed.

The Unexpected Call

I’m kind of an afternoon guy, I mean… at night I produce a lot, for me 8am is like 3am for most people, that day I received a call from my affiliate manager around 8am, he never calls, we use skype, he went straight to the point, almost without saying hi and telling me that the advertiser liked my leads and they wanted all the traffic I could send, even asked me how much of a payout increase I would feel comfortable with…


To be brutally honest, i wasn’t totally happy,

yes, I was kind of shocked but a part of me knew the traffic (aka: customers) I was sending was far more valuable than what they wanted to pay me

at least 5 times what I was being paid…

I was getting a single commission by selling them a customer for life.


This 5a.m wake up slap is called:

back to basics

what’s the simplest form of data you can gather from an online visitor?



Brilliant Felipe.

It was in front of my nose the whole time and I was reluctant to see it.


You see, from 95-99% of the people that arrives to your offer never buy.

You lost them… forever.

If you focus the communication with your audience on creating a consistent relationship based in giving value first, you’re ahead of 99% of the lazy marketers out there.

The secret weapon…

The perfect selling machine is one that inform your visitors first,  one that creates trust before asking for anything, and email is an old communication weapon that haven’t been beaten by any other.

You’ll see, the real leverage internet gives to business owners is the ability to implement systems that handle the manual work and repetitive tasks, and email is not the exception.

I’m talking about an email autoresponder.

Once I rediscovered the power of it…


Suddenly every traffic source was my friend, my visitor’s value tripled, and I could sleep like a baby on sleeping pills.

Business just exploded.

$209,420.00 revenue in less than 5 months and this doesn’t even include my clickbank earnings which has been exploding lately, weekly payments like these became the norm:


These numbers are not 100% profit, as they are the result of paid traffic but I had a ROI of more than 163%, it means that every dollar I put in I get more than $2.63 dollars back while building an asset that will keeps squeezing money for a lifetime: my email list.


On top of being able to travel when everybody is at their 9-5 job (it means an empty pool on Monday at noon) I love that now I’m also able to work in the things I’m most passionate about… MUSIC!

I really enjoy buying weird electronic gadgets and spending hours playing around without feeling guilty, beautiful feeling!!

But nothing gets me more excited than to see others having success, changing their lifes, having more time to spend in meaningful things.

Look, I share my story not to brag but because I really want to make you aware of the incredible possibilities the Internet has open for all of us,

I don’t know your why, could be time freedom, could be to share more time with your loved ones, could be to travel the world or have more time to develop your true passion, no matter what’s your why is important you take a step further and make a decision today to finally make it happen.

I have an special invitation, I’ve built a group of selected people dedicated to succeed, here we share strategies, converting offers, and methods to build a solid online business, you can join HERE: http://profitsalliance.com it’s totally free, I’ll appreciate having you there.

See you on the inside!

BTW, let me know what’s your WHY or just say hello on the comments below:

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