If you’re here yo should already know without leads any business is doomed to total failure, you can have the best product, the best sales process and the best pitch but without leads you’re like Tom trying to sell Wilson


You may also have heard the old marketers adagio “The money is in the list”, a statement that leaves you completely clueless, I mean… Is that statement supposed to help anyone?

Some time ago I was spending good chunks of money buying solo ads from “reputable” vendors with “high quality lists” but guess what?

I wasn’t making enough money from my list, not even to pay my autoresponder service.

I guess the gurus realized that there was no value on their repertory so they changed it to: “The money IS NOT in the list, is in the relationship with the list”.

Well  I stopped promoting products to my list like every other day is black Friday and started sharing more of my personal stuff to create that relation I was told. And guess what?

I Was still broke.

You can have a really big list and you can send them amazing content, the best stuff, you can tell them about your life, introduce them to your family, even tell them what your dog had for breakfast (well I think that one is not hard to guess but you get the point) and still not being able to make a penny from your list.

meg-ryan-lead-generation-youve-got-mailNow a days movies like “you’ve got mail” (the one where Meg Ryan made the happy dance every time an email arrived) seems like a bad joke, everyone’s inbox looks like a battle field full of soldiers screaming “Buy my crap” without room for a small needle!

In today’s saturated market you really need to play a different game if you want to catch your subscribers attention, let me show you how to have them waiting impatiently until you release your next promo.

I stumbled upon this method after hundreds of trial and error emails sent and that now allows me to make money every time I send out an email and get my subscribers begging for more, this is the way I changed my business for good, and today is your lucky day because I’ll show you what it takes to get paid to build your list.

The Godfather Meets Jackie Chan

lead-generation-godfatherThe way the Godfather garnered so much respect and the reason people would do just about anything for him is not really because people was afraid of getting killed but rather because he was always helping his people.

Well I don’t know if I would want him as my neighbor but he was a cool guy and as a result of him providing great value to his community on a regular basis people were always willing to reciprocate.

So… we will emulate the (good) strategies used by the Godfather providing great value and eventually asking for something in return in a very subtle (ninja) way.

The Strategy

The number 1 emotion that causes people to buy is called “Positive Expectancy” aka: Letting your prospects know that they can achieve something by giving them a taste of success (I’m sure you won’t find that definition in the dictionary) making them understand that something you’re showing them can definitely work so they develop this Positive Expectancy (thanks to Frank Kern for this amazing concept).

So we will call this the “Results In Advance” stage and it will allow you to build trust, build up the sense of positive expectancy and most importantly deliver value to people and genuinely help them. As a result you’ll be able to

sell without selling.

So think about the overall goal that your prospects want to achieve and imagine a clear path to go from your starting point to the final goal, then watch this short excerpt from the movie “American Psycho” that will unveil something essential to the process:

Think about your first email as your business card but please don’t feel like the american psycho if yours is not perfect (one of the best performances of Christian Bale in my humble opinion), you can emulate the beautiful watermarked business card from Mr. Paul Allen by delivering value.

Side note: I'm starting to feel like a movie addict on a Thursday night frenzy (you've seen nothing yet, wait for the next scene)

The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

A very effective way to take this strategy one step further is to deliver a short piece of content just after the optin and if you can use that content as your lead magnet (often called ethical bribe) you will set your prospects valuemeter so high that they won’t be able to refuse your offer, this is called “Instant Gratification” and it’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and be able to make an offer as soon as your subscriber optins getting a high conversion rate.

Going back to the process you want to take your subscribers into, it’s important to deliver each email in your sequence in a very systematic way, guiding them through the early stages to more advanced steps where you can show them the big picture and make higher ticket offers.


Remember to always be giving good content and being really upfront when you make your pitch, after all you want them to benefit from your offer (unless you're selling some shady products off course).

I’ve found through testing that the perfect ratio is 80/20 = 80% content 20% pitch but theres a tactic to have them both mixed up in a very creative way and to lower any barrier your prospects may have about your offers, it’s called…

The Triangle of Trust

This is the way to deliver content that spikes that good will even higher, it has 3 main components:


Now let me make the revealing statement of this post after watching this epic movie scene (you’ll see why the importance of the scene):

Yes… “Coffee is for closers” (damn I really enjoy this scene). The real money is in your ability to ABC (Always Be Closing) and in order for your list to be responsive to whatever you have to offer you must provide value, but as I showed you through this post this is a fine art, an art very few marketers have mastered and now you have the power to do it at your fingertips.

Caffeine Closing…

It’s great to build your list, it’s good to provide value, but it’s even better to make tons of moolah by helping your subscribers to make moolah (vicious moolah cycle here) and to make some extra moolah there’s nothing like closing over the phone, after all that’s how the big boys sell their high ticket courses but… let’s be honest, not all of us have the time to close over the phone!

Luckily my friend Chris jones built a really clever way to deal with this pain… It’s called Internet Prospecting Acceleration System and I can tell you my results honor his program name, it works like this:

  • They Call The Leads
  • They Close The Sales
  • You Keep The Commissions!

Holly Molly! I didn’t believe Chris at first, I thought he was testing my faith in him… until I tested his closers… maniac conversion rates! Can’t endorse his team enough. Ready to put your closing on caffeine? Start here

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