Paid Traffic…

It’s the most hated and loved phrase in the internet marketing world.

Hated because it can suck cash faster than a black hole inside your wallet and leave you in debt for the rest of your life (not so different than a regular job) and loved because if done right, it can make you millionaire in less than a year.

After an intense journey through all the possible business models you can leverage online, long nights awake, a couple of breakups and more than $300,ooo in revenue I’ve decided to reveal the 3 key factors to profit big time with paid traffic which is in my opinion the fastest way to make life changing income online.

1. Upfront Cash

The ideal offer is one that you can profit or at least break even right away, due to the over-hyped marketing reality and the corporations slaughtering the advertising landscape with big branding budgets is getting harder to make profits just slapping an offer with a bunch of cold traffic.

This is a graphic representation of what the blinded marketer would do:


Long gone are the days when you could just buy bulk traffic and send it straight to an offer and profit, the average web surfer is aware of the multiple scammy products pushed by affiliates and it requires a lot more than asking for a credit card number to make profits these days.

Let’s face it, most of the people starting marketing online are over-sold to the promise of “push a button and cash” that’s why is no secret that the lifespan of 95% of “newbies” in this industry is less than 6 months. But this is a huge opportunity for you if you know how to go beyond the average marketing frenzy newcomer.

To go beyond the 95% you need to go one step further, you need to put yourself inside your visitor’s shoes and differentiate from your competitors, it’s a concept known as “pre-selling” something like “sell without selling”, a useful way to boost the conversion rate of any offer, here’s how it looks like:


Now you’re not just another traffic broker, now you own something! With this model you have the possibility of tweaking your pre-sell page, this makes all the difference in the world, no matter if you’re an affiliate or you own your own products, at the very moment you have some kind of internet real estate you have a business.

Now you’re not at the mercy of the advertiser (the one who owns the offer) if the offer disappears you can just replace it with a new one in the same market knowing that your pre-sell page will do the heavy lifting.

2. Residual Cash

This seems so weird and impossible in a regular job that a lot of folks think is a joke, but subscription based revenue has been there for a long time, think about your cable company or your stream music provider, if you take a look around, the most successful businesses in the world have some kind of subscription based plan, who doesn’t like to be paid over and over for a one time sell?

The simplest form of residual or “recurring” revenue found it’s way online about 20 years ago with email marketing, and still is the number 1 no matter how much social networks are out there, is the most cost effective way of acquiring clients and adding residual revenue:

Yes, if you want to build a relationship with your visitors you need to use an email autoresponder, no matter how cluttered inboxes are these days we still pay attention to people who help us get closer to our goals.

Now, as a word of advice I’ll tell you this: choose 1 big market (finance, beauty, relationships, business), one that you feel comfortable selling to, build a list and stick with it.

This is how your funnel will look like after you integrate email marketing:


I know it’s starting to get messy but once you set it up, it stays there forever, that’s the beauty of online funnels, it’s like having an army of employees working for you 24/7.

Once you nurture your list and deliver a good balance of value and good offers you can write a check every time you send an email, some people say each subscriber has an average value of $1 per month, it means that if you reach 10.000 subscribers you can have a $10.000 monthly income by just sending emails to your list but I’m going to show you how to make the same amount with just 1.000 subscribers,

yes it’s not a typo.

3. Lifestyle Cash

If you take a closer look at what the “Big Dogs” do, you’ll find 99% of the time they sell high ticket products, could be in the form of digital products, masterminds, events, coaching, or any form of high perceived value items, to do this building a list is a must, and you also need to have a front end low-ticket high converting product, on top of that you’ll need to sell over the phone, this is the fastest and easiest way to sell high-ticket products:


It’s a common mistake to try to market to everyone but with time you’ll realize that it¡s better to have some kind of filtering, that’s how the front end offer works, it acts as a filter and also as a way to get your customer’s phone number and billing address, most of the times the front end offer is not used as a profit opportunity, but as a buyer list data center, it’s also wise to have some kind of application in the process so you have a good understanding of your customer needs.

Creating Your High Converting Funnel…

Let’s face it, building a high converting funnel can cost you an arm, a leg and a liver, without talking about the 129.563 new grey hairs you’ll end up with after you figure out how to make it all work together.

paid-traffic-confusionOn top of that, you’ll have to learn the best cost-effective ways to send targeted traffic to your funnel, how to do results driven email marketing, how to track your traffic and funnel ROI and how to close sells over the phone.

A Done For You High Ticket Funnel

What if I tell you that there’s a way to position yourself in the marketplace with a high converting done for you high ticket funnel with one of the most valuable internet currencies as the main product?

I’m talking about traffic. Yes, do you realize it’s the one thing every online business owner needs?

Everything could be outdated and overhyped… marketing courses, training, social media, events, masterminds



while the internet is on, every single online entrepreneur will salivate for it.

Let me show you how to get you started with one of the most lucrative online business models I’ve seen, click here to get the details.

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